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Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair

Most windshields can be saved, but only with superior skill and cutting-edge technology. The limitations of other auto glass repair providers fuels unnecessary replacements and harms the environment. If we can’t save your windshield, nobody can. So don’t put off repairing that seemingly harmless break, because before you know it the next bump or cold snap could turn it into a full-blown crack. When Replacement is the Only Option Learn why we’re your best bet

Step 1:
Assess Damage

Don’t give up on your windshield until we assess the break. We tackle the tried-and-true break types better than anyone, but we really shine when coming up with creative solutions to sinister complex cracks.

Step 2:
Repair or Replace

Most auto glass providers see no difference between repair and replacement. A job is a job. But we know unnecessary replacements mean your wallet and the environment pick up the slack.

Step 3:
Book an Appointment

Nobody has time to worry about their windshield. Your car just needs to be safe and at the ready. That’s why we make it easy to find your local NOVUS provider and dispatch us to your location.

Windshield Replacement

Replacement is a Big Job – Make Sure it’s 100% Needed & Done Right


Step 1

Talk to a Pro

We’ve replaced more than 40 million windshields. Trust our team to recommend the right solution tailored for your specific needs.

Step 2

We’ll Come to You

Contact NOVUS to schedule a time our technician can come out to fix your auto glass when it is most convenient for you.


Step 3

Lifetime Warranty

Relax knowing that you can trust NOVUS will use OEM materials and will properly replace your windshield with SRP Urethane, the best resin available.

Relax knowing that you can trust NOVUS will use OEM materials and will properly replace your windshield with SRP Urethane, the best resin available.

Replacement as a Last Resort

Not only do you want the best windshield replacement possible, you want it from the pros that only use it as a last resort, and back a likely repair with a lifetime guarantee. While other replacement professionals may seek out the easiest, least environmentally friendly solution with the highest price tag, NOVUS focuses on consistently providing the right solution at the right time.

Think Your Type of Auto Glass Isn’t Replaceable?

Think again. Every type and every glass surface is covered by our highly trained technicians, from side mirrors to sunroofs. And we strive to save you as much time as possible by offering related services that eliminate trips to other auto specialists, like the recalibration of your Advanced Driver Systems.


Aquapel® Windshield Treatment

 Rain and snow have met their match.
You’ve probably been disappointed by the longevity of other rain and snow buildup prevention products. Maybe you get a few months at best, but usually it only seems like a few weeks. Our pros start with a proper foundation: a comprehensive cleaning of your windshield. This combined with the unmatched formulation of Aquapel® results in the longest possible visibility on the market.
Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

NOVUS headlight restoration services can restore your headlights to appear brand new at the fraction of the cost of replacing them. Our formulated products and tested procedures ensure the highest result level that cannot be matched by any DIY option on the market.

Mirror Replacement

You can’t make it far without fully operational side mirrors, and these key sources of visibility are easy to break. Body shops drive up the price and waste time with a special trip, but our experts mean it when they say they can fix any glass or mirror problem.
Just one broken side mirror puts your safety at risk, but replacing this simple piece of glass can be a surprising pain. As part of our commitment to saving you time whenever possible for everything glass related, we’ll replace your side mirrors with less hassle than any of your local body shops.

Windshield Wiper Replacement

Replacing your wiper blades is an annoying task that’s easy to neglect. Finding the right model and adjusting these temperamental yet absolutely essential part of your car is best left to the pros, while you simply wait in comfort.
There’s no reason to neglect replacing your wipers, settling for streaks and, if you wait long enough, even damage to the glass itself. Our pros can replace your wipers in a flash as a quick addition to one of our many other services.

NOVUS Plastic Polish

Your plastic, acrylic and fiberglass products are just waiting to be brought back to life. Dull, lifeless plastics make everything from boats to cars to outdoor furniture look uninspired, ready for the curb, but that waste of money can be avoided with our plastic polish.
What’s the use of great looking glass in your car or boat if the adjoining plastic looks ancient? No matter the type of plastic, fiberglass or acrylic surface, our Plastic Polish makes it look like new.

Windshield Appearance Package

How do you take Aquapel to the next level? A new set of wiper blades to keep even more rain and snow free from your line of sight. Get everything done at once with our Windshield Appearance Package and get back on the road in no time.
New wipers to take care of the bulk of rain and snow, and Aquapel to handle the details and keep rain or snow from ever accumulating in the first place for up to six months.

NOVUS Glass Cleaner

Finally, a DIY glass cleaner that’s actually easy to use and effective. Those seeking the best class cleaning solution have known for years that NOVUS can’t be beat.
Don’t give up on DIY glass cleaners just yet. Ours is formulated by the same chemical engineers that developed the first windshield repair resins. When was the last time you tried a foaming, ammonia-free product? There’s a reason professionals agree that our glass cleaner is the best, and with a super simple application, anyone can use it.

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